The Cozy linen boutique established in December 2005 is a showcase of beautiful, elegant and trendy home wear. Our products and designs are distinctive and unique, made from quality and high thread count fabrics in a wonderful selection of colors and designs sourced from exotic destinations around the world.

The impetus for the creation of Cozy Linen lies behind the dearth of truly exquisite pieces of home wear to suite the unique taste and styles of the local consumer. With a keen insight into the local and international markets and an impeccable sense of style, we have carved a niche for quality and affordability.

What kind of products do we focus on at Cozy Linen?

Our primary focus is on household linen, namely bed linen (flat and fitted), bed spreads, duvets, quilts, table linen, table mats, table runners, serviettes, throws, cushion covers, wall hangings and much more.

What forms of fabric do we specialise in?

From 100% combed cotton, fine Jacquards, embroidered linen to silk, brocade and handloom fabrics we have a large and varied collection of material in numerous colours and forms.

Why do the items have such an international, cosmopolitan aura?

Most of our products are imported whilst some of the more customisable items are tailored locally. We source finished items from hand picked craftsmen in countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia; whilst also focusing on importing fabric to locally produce some of our more personalised items of bed linen.

Do we have the facilities to personalise and custom tailor items for your home?

As a result of our large and specialised in house sewing unit we can easily assure the high quality and standards of the items we manufacture. This also allows the dual benefits of allowing us to undertake large orders whilst allowing our clientele the option to personalize their requirements within their own time frame.

Do we undertake bulk orders?

Yes we undertake bulk orders for hotels, boutique hotels, hospitals. We do not have a minimum order quanity.

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